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Fun facts (red) - 1
What dog likes to take bubble baths? A shampoodle.
Which bug would you put in a piggy bank? A cent-ipede.
What did one eye say to the other? "Between the two of us, something smells!"
What did one lightning bolt say to another lightning bolt? "You're shocking!"
Why does the bee have sticky hair? Because it uses a honey-comb.
What did the vampire say to the turkey? "Happy Fangs-giving!"
What did the cowboy say when Lassie got lost? "Well, doggone."
Why did the man put his car in the refrigerator? Because he wanted a "cool" ride.
What do you call a pig that plays basketball? A ball hog!
What do you get when you cross a shark and a robber? A bite out of crime.
Why did the cow have a bad temper? Because it was in a bad moooooood!
What do you get when you put five ducks in a box? A box of quackers.
What do you call a sleeping bull? A bull-dozer.
Why did the chewing gum cross the road? Because it was stuck to the chicken's foot!
What goes, "Peck, bang, peck, bang, peck, bang?" A bunch of chickens in a field full of balloons.
What does an octopus wear when it's cold outside? A coat of arms.
Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn't peeling well.
What has a lot of teeth but can't chew? A comb.
What kind of bird does construction work? A crane.
Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine!
What grows when it eats, but dies when it drinks? A fire.
What's white on the outside, green on the inside, and hops. A frog sandwich.
Why did it rain money during the storm? Because there was a change in the weather.
What animal always laughs? A happy-potamus!
What kind of monkey can fly? A hot air baboon!
Poke your fingers in my eyes, and I'll open my mouth wide. My favorite food is paper. What am I? A pair of scissors.
What kind of room has no windows or doors? A mushroom.
What did the little turkey say when he brought his dad breakfast in bed? "Happy Feather's Day!"
Why do hummingbirds hum? Because they don't know the words?
What do you call a pig that does karate? A pork chop.
What did the cat get on the test? A purr-fect score.
On which day do lions eat out? Chewsday.
What does a baby snake play with? A rattle.
What animal says, "baa-baa-woof"? A sheepdog.
Why did the bumblebee put honey under his pillow? It wanted to have sweet dreams!
What has a tongue, cannot walk, but moves around a lot? A shoe.
What bug sounds like a clock? A tick.
Why didn't the moon finish its dinner? It was full!
What had a bark, but no bite? A tree.
Fun facts (red) - 2
What did the papa turkey say to the little turkey at supper time? "Must you gobble, gobble, gobble your food?"
How did you find the weather on vacation? I just went outside and there it was!
What is a twip? A twip is what a wabbit takes when it wides on a twain.
What do you get if you cross a centipede with a parrot? A walkie-talkie.
Where is the best place to park a dog? In a barking lot!
What's black and white and makes a lot of noise? A zebra with a drum set.
What do you call the second bird that's been eaten by a cat? An after-dinner tweet.
Where do fish keep their money? In a riverbank, of course!
What is bigger when it's new, but gets smaller when you use it? An eraser.
What grows in winter and dies in summer? An icicle.
Why was the broom late? It over-swept!
What do you get if you cross a snowman with an alligator? Frostbite.
What did the dog do when it won first prize at the dog show? It took a bow-wow!
Why do birds fly south for the winter? It's too far to walk!
What is a big as a horse but weighs nothing? Its shadow.
What are the sweetest bugs in the world? Honeybees.
How do you find a lost rabbit? Make a noise like a carrot.
What do you get if you cross an alligator with a flower? I don't know, but I'm not going to smell it!
What does a cat have that no other animal has? Kittens!
How do jungle animals get to work in the morning? On the hippopota-bus!
What are two things you can't eat for breakfast? Lunch and dinner.
What do you call a turkey that cleans its house all day? A feather duster.
How do snakes end a fight? They hiss and make up.
What's better than the best thing, and worse than the worst thing? Nothing!
What do you give a pig with a sore nose? Oinkment.
Why do dinosaurs have wrinkles in their knees? They stayed in the pool too long.
What is the difference between a fake dollar and a crazy rabbit? One is bad money, and the other is a mad bunny.
What did the elephant say when it ran into the post office? Ouch!
Why is it a good idea to have a frog on your baseball team? They're good at catching pop flies.
What is the fastest country in the world? "Rush-a" (Russia).
What bug is like glue? Stick bugs.
How did the farmer count his cows? With a cow-culator!
What is a shark's favorite game? Swallow the leader.
What goes up and down without moving? The stairs.
What time is it when an elephant sits on the fence? Time to fix the fence!
What is more dangerous than pulling a shark's tooth? Giving a porcupine a back rub!
What did the dizzy turkey say? Nothing. He just went wobble, wobble, wobble.
What is the best thing to put into a pie? Your front teeth!
What vegetable do you get when an elephant walks through your garden? Squash.

Fun facts (red) - 1
What do you say when you meet a two-headed monster? "Hello, hello!"
Why was the baby ant confused? Because all of its uncles were ants!
What can you catch but cannot throw? A cold.
What do you get when you cross a cat and a parrot? A carrot.
How did the cook get locked out of the kitchen? Because all of the tur-keys were inside!
What flies around all day but never goes anywhere? A flag.
What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus? "May I hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand?"
Why is a flower like the letter A? Because a bee comes after it!
What do you get when you cross a dog with a daisy? A collie-flower.
What do you call it when giraffes moving one way get mixed up with giraffes moving another way? A giraffic jam!
Why whouldn't the duck go to the duck doctor? Because he was a quack.
What do you call a nervous insect? A jitterbug.
What did the hungry dalmatian say when it finished its meal? "Ah, that hit the spots!"
Why did the girl sit on the clock? Because she wanted to be on time!
What do you call the scary animal in your math book? A line.
What do you call a grizzly bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.
How do you spell mousetrap using three letters? c-a-t.
What has four wheels and flies? A smelly garbage truck.
What do you call a Great Dane in a sauna? A hot dog.
Why are fish so smart? Because they live in schools.
What do you call a crushed angle? A rectangle.
What did the porcupine say to the cactus? "Is that you, Mommy?"
Why don't jungle animals play games? Because there are too many cheetahs!
What stays in the corner, yet travels around the world? A stamp.
What is gray and has a tail and a trunk? A mouse on vacation!
Why did the flamingo stand on the leg? Because if it lifted both legs, it would fall!
What bone will a dog never eat? A trombone.
What animal is the strongest. The snail, because it carries its house around!
Why are cats and dogs the best pets? Because you can't walk a goldfish on a leash.
What's brown and sticky? A stick!
What kind of turtle can you never trust? A turtle-tale.
How do you know that carrots are good for your eyesight? Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?
What happened to the leopard that took a bath three times a day? After a week, it was spotless!
What has stripes and goes around and around? A zebra in a revolving door.
How do hurricanes see? With one eye!
What kind of snake is good at math? An adder.
What do you get if you make a chicken dizzy? Scrambled eggs.
Why was the dog wearing a clock around its neck? It was a watch dog!
What is bright red and weighs a ton? An elephant holding its breath.
Fun facts (red) - 2
What would you get if you crossed a baseball player with a frog? An outfielder who catches flies and then eats them!
Why did the turkey climb into the vegetable bowl? Because it wanted to rest in peas.
What do lazy dogs do for fun? Chase parked cars.
What should you do if someone throws a goose at you? Duck!
Where can you read about famous cows? In a moos-paper.
What bugs have the best manners? Ladybugs.
What do you call a skeleton that won't get out of bed? Lazy bones.
Where do dogs sleep when they go camping? In pup tents.
What do moths study in school? Mothematics!
What is a king's favorite weather? Hail!
Where do birds invest their money? In the stork market.
What do you give a seasick elephant? Lots of space!
What do you get if you cross a worm with an elephant? Big holes in your garden!
Why isn't it safe for turkeys to do math? If they add three and five, they get ate!
What is a feline's favourite baseball position? Cat-cher.
What did the ocean say to the sea? Nothing, it just waved.
Ten copycats were sitting in a boat. One jumped out. How many were left? None, they're copy-cats!
What is the most common use of cowhide? To cover cows!
What costume did the little turkey wear every Halloween? It was always a-gobblin'.
How do you make seven even? Take away the letter S!
Which bug is most musical? The hornet.
How much is a skunk worth? One scent.
What is the tallest building in town? The library, because it has a lot of stories!
Why don't kangaroos use banks? Because they pocket their money.
What happened to the girl that ate too much corn? She got an earache!
Why did the elephant cross the road? It was the chicken's day off!
How do baby birds learn to fly? They wing it.
What happened when the fairy godmother waved her wand at the turkey? She granted its wishbone.
Why were the squirrels sent to the principal's office? They drove the teacher nuts!
What is black and white and red all over? The newspaper!
How does a leopard change its spots? When it gets tired of one spot, it just moves to another.
What do you get when you cross a stream and a brook? Wet feet!
How do you fix a broken chimp? With a monkey wrench!
What did the hamburger patty say to the bun? "Open sesame!"
Why are elephants so wrinkled? They are too hard to iron!
How do you fix a broken tomato? With tomato paste.
When is a lion not a lion? When it is a sea lion!
Why did the mother chicken tell jokes to her eggs? She wanted to crack them up.
How do dinosaurs pay their bills? With tyrannosaurus checks!

Fun facts (red) - 1
What did the big flower say to the little flower? "How are ya, bud?"
Which bug would make the basketball team? The daddy longlegs.
What do you call three stones with guitars? A "rock" group!
What do you call a dream in which animals are attacking you? A bitemare!
How does a lion greet other animals in the field? "Pleased to eat you."
What has lots of eyes, but can't see? A potato.
What goes "ZZUB, ZZUB, ZZUB"? A bee flying backward.
Why did the firefly do well on the test? Because it was very bright.
What did the little acorn say when it grew up? "Geometry!"
What time is it when 12 cats chase a mouse? Twelve after one!
Why is it so easy to weight fish? Because they have their own scales.
What do you get when you cross an automobile with a household animal? A carpet!
What has a spine but no bones? A book.
Why is it so hard to fool a snake? Because you can't pull its leg!
What did the rib cage say to the heart? "I've got you covered!"
What do you call a fish without an eye? A fsh!
How can you tell how old an elephant is? Count the candles on its birthday cake.
What would you get if you crossed a dog with a telephone? A golden receiver.
What do you call a cow that eats the grass in your yard? A lawn mooer!
Which bird is always out of breath? A puffin.
What type of star goes to jail? A shooting star.
What did one math book say to the other math book? "I have a lot of problems!"
How many letters are there in the alphabet? Eleven (t-h-e-a-l-p-h-a-b-e-t).
What bone keeps getting longer and shorter? A trombone!
What's the difference between a turkey and an owl? A turkey doesn't give a hoot.
Where do ants go on vacation? Frants! (France)
What do you call a sick alligator? An illigator.
What's the hottest letter in the alphabet? B, because it makes oil boil!
How do you make a milk shake? Give a cow a pogo stick!
What do you get if you cross an elephant and a kangaroo? Big holes all over Australia!
What did one wall say to another? "I'll meet you at the corner."
Why did the farmer feed his cow money? He wanted a rich milk.
What dog can jump higher than a tree? Any dog - trees can't jump!
What do you call a piece of wood with nothing to do? Bored.
How could you tell the vampire was sick? He was coffin.
What do you get when you cross a rhinoceros with a crow? Broken telephone poles!
What did one tornado say to the other? "Let's twist again, like we did last summer!"
Why did the pony get sent to the principal's office? He was horsing around.
What do sea monsters eat? Fish and ships.
Fun facts (red) - 2
What type of fruit trees line up in twos? "Pair" trees.
How does an elephant climb a tree? It sits on an acorn and waits!
What did the pink rabbit say to the blue rabbit? "Cheer up!"
What is the most common illness in birds? Flu!
How many penguins does it take to fly an airplane? None, because penguins can't fly!
What cloud is so lazy it won't get up? Fog.
What did the dog do after it swallowed the firefly? It barked with de-light!
Do lady pigs join the sewing circle? No, they're too busy "bacon" pies.
What school subject are snakes best at? Hiss-tory.
What do you call a camel with no hump? Humphrey.
Why wouldn't the shrimp share with the dolphin? It was shellfish.
What do you get if you cross an elephant with a spider? I don't know, but if you see one walking across the ceiling, you'd better run before it collapses!
What did the turkey with a sore leg say? "Hobble, hobble, hobble."
Why did the spider buy the car? So it could take it out for a spin.
What kind of dog do mad scientists like best? Labs!
What do you get if you cross a cow and a mule? Milk with a kick in it!
How do trees get on the Internet? They "log" on!
What do you call two spiders that are newly married? Newlywebs.
What month do trees like best? Sep-timber.
Why was the chicken team so bad at baseball? They kept hitting fowl balls!
What is a pig's favorite ballet? Swine Lake.
What makes an octopus laugh? Ten-tickles!
Why do dragons sleep all day? They like to eat knights.
What is a dog's favorite musical? He "Hound" of Music.
What object is king of the classroom? The "ruler".
How many seconds are there in a year? Twelve - January 2nd, February 2nd, and so on!
What did one mule say to the other mule? "I get a kick out of you!"
What time is it when Sir Lancelot looks at his belly button? The middle of the knight!
Where do dogs go if they lose their tails? To a re-tail store!
What can fly without wings? Time.
What do you call a gorilla with a banana in each ear? What ever you want - it can't hear you!
How do you make a puppy disappear? Use Spot remover.
What goes up but never comes down? Your age.
What kind of dogs are full of ticks? Watchdogs!
When is a dog's tail not a dog's tail? When it's a-waggin'!
What's the difference between a fish and a piano? You can't "tuna" fish!
What did the judge say when the skunk came to court? "Odor in the court!"
When does a man act like a dog? When he's a boxer.
How do you talk to a fish? You drop him a "line".

Interesting facts (yellow) - 1
What is the only bird that can fly backwards? A hummingbird.
Which sea creature has three hearts? An octopus.
How long does a yawn last? About six seconds.
What animal's eye is bigger than its brain? An ostrich.
If grasshoppers were the size of people, they could leap across a basketball court.
What was the name of the first bubble gum? Blibber-Blubber.
What bird can peck with its beak up to 20 times per second? A woodpecker.
What animal burps to tell emenies to stay away? An orangutan.
What is a baby oyster called? A spat.
What is the only food that won't ever go bad? Honey.
A jellyfish can be as small as a thimble or as large as a couch.
How much time will you spend in the bathroom during your life? About three years.
What country did the original Cinderella story come from? China.
What were butterflies once called? Flutterbys.
What color is a hippopotamus's sweat? Red.
Do boys or girls have more taste buds? Girls.
You cannot whistle on the moon.
How many noses does a slug have? Four.
What are the only flying mammals? Bats.
What was used before erasers to correct pencil marks? Bread crumbs.
What does a male ostrich's roar sound like? A lion.
Owls move their heads because they cannot move these. Their eyes.
Where is 70% of the world's maple syrup made? Quebec, Canada.
How big is the smallest monkey? About the size of a toothbrush.
What bird can weigh less than a penny? A hummingbird.
Your heart is about the size of your fist.
What color is a spider's blood? Clear.
How does a cricket detect sounds? Through its knees.
What vegetable has been grown in space? A potato.
What are the holes in Swiss cheese called? Eyes.
Which bird lays the smallest egg? A hummingbird.
Some frogs glow when they eat fireflies.
How big is a newborn kangaroo? About the size of a paperclip.
What do elephants do when they are happy? They purr.
Why would your skin turn orange? You ate too many carrots.
What are the dots on dice called? Pips.
Where are some butterflies' ears? On their wings.
Male mosquitoes do not bite.
What do you call a group of blue jays? A party.
Interesting facts (yellow) - 2
* How long can a cockroach live without a head? About a week.
Rhinoceroses do not sweat.
How fast can a hippopotamus run? As fast as a human.
What are dalmatians missing when they are born? Their spots.
Most pirates never buried their treasure.
How big is a newborn koala? About the size of a jelly bean.
What is another name for a litter of kittens? A kindle.
* The roar of a male lion can be heard up to two miles away.
What flying mammal sleeps upside down? A bat.
What do some young koalas smell like? Cough drops.
* The giant armadillo is about the size of a sheep.
How can you tell how old a tree is? Count its rings.
What will a cranberry do if it's ripe? It will bounce.
* Owl butterflies can be as big as dinner plates.
What fish can live out of water for up to four years? The lungfish.
How soon can a baby zebra run with the herd after birth? About an hour.
* A howler monkey can be heard up to three miles away.
What is the only mammal with fur on the bottom of its feet? A polar bear.
How may different vocal sounds can a cat make? More than 100.
* You lose enough eyelashes in your lifetime to equal the length of ten crocodiles.
What word is spelled the same in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Swedish? Taxi.
Besides your fingers, what body part has a unique print? Your tongue.
* If you could jump like a flea, you could leap over a 34-story building.
How many bacteria are inside your mouth? About one million.
How many "cat words" do cats use to communicate? Sixteen.
How long can a clam live? Up to 100 years.
Are days or years longer on the planet Mercury? Days.
What is a comet made of? Dirt and ice.
* Snowflakes get smaller as the temperature gets colder.
Are you a half inch taller in the morning or in the evening? In the morning.
What group makes up about three-fourths of the world's creatures? Insects.
* A pizza that weighed as much as two elephants was made in South Africa.
How do kangaroos stay cool? They lick their arms.
What is Canada's official national game? Ice hockey.
How many legs does a spider have? Eight.
How long can a walking stick insect be? About 12 in. (30.5 cm).
When do spiders spin their webs? At night.
What kind of insect is a firefly? A firefly.
What does a stick bug look like? A twig on a tree.

Fun facts (yellow) - 1
What animal has a tongue that weighs more than an elephant? A blue whale.
What land mammal only has four teeth? An african elephant.
What bird lives the longest? A parrot.
Which species of snake is the most venomous? A sea snake.
Where does a male seahorse carry its babies? In its pouch.
A mouse has the same number of vertebrae as what tall mammal? A giraffe.
What color is a polar bear's fur? It is translucent (clear).
How many official dog breeds are there? 701.
What marine mammal can hear noises up to 15 mi. (24.14 km) away? A dolphin.
What is the tallest kind of tree in the world? A redwood.
No words rhyme with month, orange, silver, or purple in the English language.
How many eyelashes do you have on each eyelid? About 200.
How many muscles do caterpillars have? More than 4000.
How many times do bees flap their wings each second? About 250.
How many times can you fold a sheet of dry paper? Only seven.
What is the most used letter in the English alphabet? E.
What is the strongest muscle in your body? Your tongue.
How late was the most overdue library book? 288 years.
What is belly button lint made of? Clothing fibers, hair, and dead skin cells.
Bulls are color blind.
What are the two official languages of Canada? English and French.
What flying mammal only weighs as much as two candy-covered chocolates? Bumblebee bat.
How long can alligators live? About 80 years.
How far can some elephant seals dive? As deep as a submarine.
What part of a tiger's body is striped? Its skin and fur.
Parachutes were invented before airplanes.
What is a zedonk? A cross between a zebra and a donkey.
How many times do your eyes move each second? About 80.
Where are a lobster's teeth located? In its stomach.
How far do pet hamsters run on their wheels each night? About 8 mi. (12.9 km).
Will a baseball travel farther in hot or cold weather? Hot weather.
Some fish can change from female to male.
When astronauts orbit earth, how many sunrises and sunsets do they see? Up to 16 each day.
What does New Zeland have more of than people? Sheep.
What herb can affect lions and tigers like it does cats? Catnip.
What is your body's largest organ? Your skin.
What nut is not a nut at all? A peanut.
What is a baby porcupine called? Porcupette.
What is the world's smallest dog breed? Chihuahua.
Fun facts (yellow) - 2
Where is the International Boundary? Between the United States and Canada.
When you're dreaming, you can't move your body.
Does your hair grow faster in warm or cold weather? Warm weather.
Does light or sound travel faster? Light.
Sharks have eight senses; human only have five.
How old is a puppy before it wags its tail? About two months.
Do boys or girls get the hiccups more often? Boys.
A chameleon's tongue can be as long as its body.
How fast can some hummingbirds' hearts beat? Up to 1000 beats per minute.
How many hours a day do lions spend resting? About 20.
If you stretch out your arms, the length from fingertip to fingertip is about the same as your height.
How many different facial expressions can a dog make? About 100.
What is the nickname for a male kangaroo? An old man.
What animal was once throught to be half-camel and half-leopard? A giraffe.
What animal has a diet most like humans? A pig.
How many moons does Jupiter have? 63.
Apples are one-quarter air.
What is a group of porcupines called? A prickle.
How many kernels of corn does one corncob have? About 500.
All newborn humans are color blind.
Male turkeys gobble. What do female turkeys do? They click.
What land mammal is a manatee related to? An elephant.
What do you call a group of sea otters? A raft.
What do you call a cross between a dolphin and a whale? A wholphin.
What do some birds swallow to help them digest their food? Rocks or pebbles.
When you chew, yawn, or swallow, dried earwax can fall out of your ears.
What breed of dog was trained to rescue people buried in avalanches? St. Bernard.
What mammal looks like a cross between a beaver and a duck? A platypus.
What does a spider monkey use to help it swing through trees? Its tail.
How many lighthouses are in Nova Scotia, Canada? 150.
What is the most ferocious fish? A piranha.
How strong is a tiger? As strong as 10 men.
How long does it take your body to completely digest food? About 12 hours.
How many mosquitoes can a single bat eat? About 600.
One man parachuted out of an airplane 640 times in 24 hours.
Who was the tallest United States president? Abraham Lincoln.
Which two body parts continue to grow throughout your life? Ears and nose.
Lightning usually strikes the highest object.
How many muscles do you use to speak one word? 72.

Fun facts (yellow) - 1
You are more likely to be attacked by this animal than by a shark. A cow.
Which animal in captivity has been known to open food jars? An octopus.
This large mammal can swim for 62 mi. (100 km) without stopping. A polar bear.
What is a shark's skeleton made of? Cartilage.
The measurement from your wrist to your elbow is as long as your foot.
Which U.S. president had a pet alligator he kept in the East Room of the White House? John Quincy Adams.
Which continent has more than 1000 spoken languages? Africa.
How many peanuts does it take to make a standard jar of peanut butter? About 850.
How many times each year does the average kid blink? About 5 million.
Which continent is the only one without a desert? Europe.
If you could travel at the speed of light, you would never age.
What is the dot over a lowercase "i" called? A tittle.
What is the least used letter in the English language? q
Does hot water or cold water freeze faster? Hot water.
What continent are African elephants' ears shaped like? Africa
How many insects can a bat eat in one night? About 3000.
The dwarf planet "Pluto" was named by an 11-year-old girl.
How much did the largest working yo-yo weigh? As much as a polar bear.
What number do the opposite sides of dice always add up to? Seven.
How long would it take a sloth to travel one mile? About a month.
How many people are flying over the United States in airplanes right now? About 60000.
What organ does food pass through in a giant squid before it reaches its stomach? Its brain.
There is a mailbox off the coast of Japan 33 ft. (10 m) under water that scuba divers can use to mail postcards.
Does hot water or cold water weight more? Cold water.
What do chimpanzees, monkeys, dogs, mice, and a guinea pig have in common? They all traveled in space.
How fast can a grizzly bear run? As fast as a horse.
Which berry has more Vitamin C than an orange? A strawberry.
Are male or female anacondas longer? Female anacondas can be up to five times longer.
What is a sea cow? A manatee.
When does a nocturnal animal sleep? During the day.
What is the dust in your house mostly made of? Dead skin cells.
An entire colony of bats leaves the cave at the same time to find food.
Where is the smallest bone in your body located? The middle of your ear.
How much does an average adult's skin weigh? About 11 lbs. (5 kg).
If you could carry the same amount of weight as an ant, you could carry a car.
Which ocean has more water in it than all the other seas and oceans combined? The Pacific Ocean.
How many people can lick their elbows? About 1%.
Which country banned chewing gum until 2004? Singapore.
How many earth years equal one year on Neptune? 165.
Fun facts (yellow) - 2
What two things did Neil Armstrong leave on the moon? His boots and footprints.
The average American eats enough hamburger meat to equal the weight of a car.
How big was the first microwave? As big as a refrigerator.
How many pounds of meat can a tiger eat in one sitting? About 80 lbs. (36.29 kg).
How much time do you spend eating during your life? About five years.
What is the second largest country in the world? Canada.
What country did french fries come from? Belgium.
A sea turtle can weight as much as a water buffalo.
How many breaths do you take each day? About 25000.
How many hours a day are koalas awake? About four.
Do you smell better through your left or right nostril? Your right.
Which condiment was once sold as medicine? Ketchup.
How big is the world's biggest frog? About the size of a house cat.
Stoplights were invented before cars.
How long can it take a snowflake to reach the ground? Up to two hours.
What was the carrot's original color? Purple.
How many hairs are growing on your head? About 150000.
What color are the hottest stars? Blue.
How much sooner can a chicken see daylight than a human? About 45 minutes.
You can't swallow and breathe at the same time.
When do your ears produce more wax? When you're afraid.
How many chemicals does your body use to make a scab? 16.
In Japan, there is a building with a highway running through it.
What is animal dandruff called? Dander.
What animal can feel a drop in air pressure? A frog.
There really was a London Bridge that kept falling down. It is now in Arizona.
What kind of storm produces the fastest blowing winds? Tornadoes (261-318 mhp or 420-512 km/h).
What could power a small town for several months? One bolt of lightning.
An 11-year-old invented popsicles.
How long can monsoon rains last? For weeks or months.
What is the center of a hurricane called? Eye.
Air inside an iceberg can be thousands of years old.
How many sides does a snowflake have? Six.
What do you call a mini, dusty tornado? A dust devil.
If you sit in a quiet place and cover your ears, you can hear your blood flowing.
What is half of an alligator's length? Its tail.
On which continent do one-quarter of the world's animals live? South America.
What do hermit hummingbirds use to make their nests? Spider silk.
What jungle cat sleeps in trees? A jaguar.

Word play (blue) - 1
Use the clues to guess the missing words
Some people have six _____ on each hand.
  • They start with the letter f.
  • You use them to count.
  • They rhyme with singers.

    A dragonfly only lives for about one ___.
  • This is a three letter word.
  • You see lots of them on a calendar.
  • It rhymes with play.

    A _____ is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.
  • This ocean animal starts with the sound as shell.
  • It has a lot of teeth.
  • It rhymes with dark.

    The elephant is the only animal with four _____.
  • This body part has two Es at the end.
  • It starts with a silent letter.
  • It rhymes with please.

    A starfish can turn its _____ inside out.
  • This body part starts with the same sound as stop.
  • It helps you eat.
  • It has two syllables.
    If you hold your ____, you can't hum.
  • This body part starts with the letter n.
  • You only have one on your face.
  • It rhymes with rose.
    The best-selling ice cream flavor is _____.
  • This word starts with the letter v.
  • It is the opposite of chocolate.
  • It has three syllables.

    A _____ can see through its eyelids.
  • This animal starts with the same sound as snack.
  • It doesn't have any legs.
  • It rhymes with lake.

    Word play (blue) - 1
    Use the clues to complete each word
    I drop from your eye when you are sad or hurt. I am small and salty. tea_ (tear)
    We play sports together. We wear uniforms and want to win the game. tea_ (team)
    I work at your school and help you learn and have fun. tea____ (teacher)
    I am part of your house, but you can see right through me. win___ (window)
    I am part of the weather. You can't see me, but I can make the clouds and trees move. win_ (wind)
    I am one of the seasons. When I am here, it gets cold and sometimes snows. win___ (winter)
    I am a color. You see me on snow, rice, and teeth. whi__ (white)
    I am something you do when you have to talk quietly at school or the library. whi____ (whisper)
    We live on a cat's face. We are long and skinny. whi_____ (whiskers)
    I am a noise that a from makes. cro__ (croak)
    I sit on the head of a king or queen. I am shiny and sometimes I have jewels. cro__ (crown)
    I am a big animal that likes the water. I am green and have lots of sharp teeth. cro______ (crocodile)

    Word play (blue) - 2
    Use the clues to guess the missing words
    When you cut an _____, it gives off a gas that makes you cry!
  • It is a round vegetable.
  • It starts with the letter o.
  • It can be white, red, or yellow.

    A _____ can sleep for three years without needing to eat.
  • It starts with the letter s.
  • It has a shell.
  • It rhymes with pail.

    If you keep your pet ________ in a room with no light, it will turn white.
  • It rhymes with dish.
  • It is a compound word.
  • It needs water to live.

    In an eating contest, a man ate 68 ___ ____ in 10 minutes!
  • This food is two words.
  • Both words have the letter o in the middle.
  • The last word rhymes with frogs.
    hot dogs

    There are more ________ in the world than people.
  • The name of these animals starts with the same sound as chair.
  • They live on a farm.
  • They lay eggs.

    Kids have almost 100 more _____ than adults.
  • They start with the letter b.
  • They are a part of your body.
  • They rhyme with cones.

    Giant squids have the biggest ____ in the world.
  • They sound like a vowel.
  • You have two on your face.
  • They rhyme with pies.

    A ________ cannot walk backwards.
  • This animal starts with the letter k.
  • It has a pouch.
  • It has three syllables.

    Word play (blue) - 2
    Use the clues to complete each word
    I am a wild animal that creeps through the forest. I have teeth and claws. bea_ (bear)
    I am on a bird's face. I help it eat. bea_ (beak)
    I am a ray of light that travels from the sun. bea_ (beam)
    I am a silly show on your TV that makes you laugh. car____ (cartoon)
    I am an orange vegetable that rabbits like to eat. car___ (carrot)
    I am a fun festival with rides, games, and clowns. car_____ (carnival)
    I am a colorful bird that lives in the rain forest. par___ (parrot)
    I am what you have when it's your birthday. I have a cake, games, and presents. par__ (party)
    I am a place you go to play. I have trees, grass, and sometimes a playground. par_ (park)
    I come out to play only when the sun is out. I follow you everywhere, but I weigh nothing. sha___ (shadow)
    I am bubbly and help make your hair clean. I live in your bathroom. sha____ (shampoo)
    I live in the ocean and have sharp teeth. Other animals are afraid of me. sha__ (shark)

  • 2-3
    Word play (blue) - 1
    Use the clues to guess the missing words
    Instead of a bald eagle, Benjamin Franklin wanted the United States' national bird to be a ______.
  • It starts with the letter t.
  • It's bigger than a cat.
  • It rhymes with jerky.

    A ___ always turns left when leaving a cave!
  • This animal starts with the letter b.
  • It is a flying mammal.
  • It rhymes with cat.

    A ____ does not ever have to drink water because it absorbs it through its skin.
  • This animal is an amphibian.
  • It starts with the same sound as friend.
  • It rhymes with log.

    Owls are the only bird that can see the color ____.
  • This color starts with the same sound as block.
  • It can be an eye color.
  • It rhymes with flew.

    Most snakes can ____ very well.
  • This four-letter word begins with the letter s.
  • It is something many people do each summer.
  • It rhymes with trim.

    A shrimp's _____ is in its head.
  • This body part starts with a consonant.
  • It pumps blood.
  • It rhymes with cart.

    Crocodiles swallow ______ to help them dive deeper underwater.
  • They begin with the same sound as stick.
  • They are heavy and gray.
  • They rhyme with bones.

    Giraffes can't _____.
  • It begins with the letter c.
  • It's something you do when you're sick.
  • It rhymes with off.

    Word play (blue) - 1
    Use the clues to complete each word
    I am in your house. You walk on me all day long. I am covered in wood, tile, or carpet. Flo__ (floor)
    We are a group of sheep. The shepherd has to watch over us. Flo__ (flock)
    I am a colorful plant that lives in the garden. People like to pick me. Flo___ (flower)
    We sit on a birthday cake. You can count us and use us to make a wish. Can____ (candles)
    I am a long, skinny boat. You have to use a paddle to make me move. Can__ (canoe)
    I am a yellow bird that lives in a cage. I like to sing beautiful songs. Can___ (canary)
    I am an animal that swims in the sea. I have flippers for feet. Sea_ (seal)
    There are four of us in the year. When we change, the weather does, too. Sea____ (seasons)
    I am a plant from the ocean. I am green and a lot of animals like to eat me. Sea____ (seaweed)
    I am a fuzzy fruit. My skin is pink and orange, and I am very juicy. Pea__ (peach)
    I am a bird with a very colorful tail. I like to spread my feathers out and walk around. Pea____ (peacock)
    I am a small white ball that oysters make. People like to wear me on a necklace. Pea__ (pearl)

    Word play (blue) - 2
    Use the clues to guess the missing words
    Any month that starts on a ______ will have a Friday the 13th in it.
  • This day of the week starts with the letter s.
  • It is the beginning of the week.
  • It has two syllables.

    Ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of ____.
  • It is a hard, cold material.
  • It starts with the letter r.
  • It rhymes with the word lock.

    Kids _____ about 200 times more a day than adults!
  • This action starts with the letter l.
  • It makes a sound when you do it.
  • It rhymes with staff.

    A baby octopus is the size of a ____ when it is born.
  • This insect starts with the letter f.
  • You find it on a dog.
  • It rhymes with sea.

    Your _____ is about as long as your nose.
  • This body part starts with the same sound as thought.
  • You have one on each hand.
  • It rhymes with gum.

    Astronauts left _______ on the moon to bounce lasers off of.
  • These start with the letter m.
  • You find them in bathrooms.
  • They have two syllables.

    There is an underground ________ that is three-and-a-half miles across.
  • This living thing is a compound word.
  • It is a popular pizza topping.
  • It rhymes with broom.

    An _____ is better at waking you up in the moring than coffee.
  • This fruit starts with the letter a.
  • It grows on a tree.
  • It has two syllables.

    Word play (blue) - 2
    Use the clues to complete each word
    I am a thick type of soup. I usually have meat and potatoes in me. Ste_ (stew)
    I am the white cloud you see above boiling water. Be careful because I am hot air. Ste__ (steam)
    I am a hard type of metal. People use me to make strong buildings. Ste__ (steel)
    I am strong and solid. I am the opposite of soft. Har_ (hard)
    I am a large musical instrument. I have a lot of strings and make heavenly music. Har_ (harp)
    I am what farmers do when they gather their crops. I usually happen in the fall. Har____ (harvest)
    We are two people who look exactly alike. We even have the same birthday. Twi__ (twins)
    I am a small part of a tree. I can hold the stem of a leaf to a bigger branch. Twi_ (twig)
    I am what the stars do at night. I am also in the title of a popular nursery rhyme. Twi____ (twinkle)
    I am a large bird that gobbles. I may be on your holiday menu. Tur___ (turkey)
    I am what you do when you go left or right. Tur_ (turn)
    I am a reptile that moves slowly. I can pull my body inside my shell. Tur___ (turtle)

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